There is only one PERSONAL JESUS MASTER.

PERSONAL JESUS MASTER is not a collective or a group of Masters. PERSONAL JESUS MASTER does not collaborate with other Masters. No other Master or slave is authorized to act or train on HIS behalf.

PERSONAL JESUS MASTER does not share information about HIS owned slave properties.

All PJM Images on this Site feature the one PERSONAL JESUS MASTER.

Every PJM Vid, every Audio File … created by, copyright owned and featuring the one PERSONAL JESUS MASTER.

All ‘slave worship’ vids and slave images are owned by PERSONAL JESUS MASTER, and all slaves featured are of legal age.

PERSONAL JESUS MASTER Vids, Audio Files, or Images downloaded from anywhere other than may include spyware/malware. Be aware.

Poppers are NOT essential or dictated for worship of PERSONAL JESUS MASTER Vids, Audio Files or Images. A ‘Poppers’ or ‘Deep Hits’ prompt is not a command. Play safe and don’t be a dumbass.

Downloadable audio files are for erotic entertainment purposes only. User is solely responsibility for any loss or damage, directly or indirectly, associated with their use. Again, play safe.

PERSONAL JESUS MASTER speaks with slaves only through this Site, on Skype and by Email.

PERSONAL JESUS MASTER rarely approves followers on Twitter or Instagram. HE does not use KIK, Whatsapp, Zoom, or any other App or Chat Forum to post content or communicate with slaves … and that includes fucking OnlyFans, Just For Fans and 4 My Fans.

PERSONAL JESUS MASTER is not interested in communication with any slave under the age of twenty-one.

PERSONAL JESUS MASTER accepts Tribute only through this Site, and all transactions are secure and encrypted for safety. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.) is now accepted on this Website.

This is a mindfuck-themed website and all that that implies, intended to be experienced and explored, not explained – and for entertainment purposes only. If it happens to wake up that slavebrain of yours, so much the better.

PERSONAL JESUS MASTER lives in New York City — and fucking nowhere else.