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the slave kneels before PERSONAL JESUS MASTER, its sight cast straight down, face close enough to see the small grains of dirt on the floor. and in this brief moment of contemplation, the slave considers how much it is like dirt when in the presence of its MASTER and GODBOSS.

unless permitted to look up, slave will continue peering down onto the floor so that the only feature it may glimpse are of GODMASTER’S breathtakingly beautiful FEET.

it is programmed to go weak in its slavemind at the sight. even a thought of HIS HOLY FEET and its resolve to worship THEM increases, to the point that the slave envies the floor on which HE stands. the slave craves for MASTER to rest THEM on its face, allow it to worship THEM with its tongue, experience every inch of THEM.

it yearns to worship THEM, massage THEM, lick every part of THEM.

MASTER’S FEET are perfection.

like the dirt HE walks on, slave is being blessed every time MASTER’S HOLY FEET touch it. it dreams of MASTER resting THEM on its back while HE leisurely puffs on a cigar. keeping absolutely still, the slave feeling the weight of HIS LEGS pushing down on what’s become HIS footstool. it is an object, a piece of furniture in service to GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. it may seem that it is merely executing its purpose to perfection but, in its slavemind, its sense of identity and self are being destroyed and rewritten in worship of GOD’S POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL FEET.

so layered and mindfucking is this act of submission, that when MASTER touches the slave with HIS FEET, it imprints on every part of its being just how truly beneath HIM it is – for everything THEY touch is graced by HIM and represents the rightful order:


towering over HIS property,

a worshipful and reverent slave kneeling before HIM,

forever begging for permission to press its lips to



it falls humbly at HIS Holy Feet

it needs to worship HIS Holy Feet

it exists to worship HIS Holy Feet

it knows where it belongs and where its place is

it is a fucking slave and belongs at HIS Holy Feet like a dog or a piece of furniture

it admires HIS manly Holy Feet

it loves HIS Holy Feet

it needs to take care of HIS Holy Feet, and please HIM in the service and worship of HIS Holy Feet

it needs to wash and massage HIS Holy Feet

it needs to feel the warmth and masculine scent of HIS Holy Feet

it needs to touch, kiss and lick HIS Holy Feet

it needs to warm HIS Feet like a dog or a blanket

it needs to feel its tongue on HIS Holy Heel and HIS Holy Toes in its mouth

it needs GODMASTER to silence it with HIS Holy Feet

it needs to feel the divinity of HIS Holy Feet on its body

it needs to sniff HIS Holy Feet, fresh or sweaty

it needs to lick the sweat from HIS Holy Feet, and it does so with passion and devotion

it lives for GODMASTER’S Holy Feet

there is no shame in the service of HIS Holy Feet

it is an enormous honor for any slave

it envies the socks, the boots and the ground touched by HIS Holy Feet

it needs to worship HIS used socks, shoes and the ground HE walks on

HIS sweaty socks pulled from HIS feet and stuffed into its mouth would be considered its most precious gift

it doesn’t need HIS luxury

it needs HIM



the slave property of


begs for the opportunity to worship HIS Powerful GODFEET

it fantasizes daily about HIS GODFEET

pressed down onto its face

as it remains in footstool position for long periods of time

sucking on each of HIS GODTOES

licking every inch of HIS SOLES

it begs for permission to cum to Images of HIS GODFEET

the slave property knows that its place is at GODMASTER’S HOLY FEET

and it prays to earn the chance to tongue-fuck HIS perfect GODFEET one day



it has listened to the new chant download for 12 continuous hours

the slave is emptied

the cock is caged and will not be freed

the slave has no need of a will, of a thought

of an idea

it kneels and worships


it has always wanted this

a mindless headspace of totally unthinking, unwavering natural obedience

if it still wanted or was able to think

it would wonder what a decision to offer itself in total submission would bring

apart from relief




GOD of brain and body and soul

the slave is chanting

a subservient



money machine

it adores its place

it hits replay

the chant fills its being

it sinks deeper into GODMASTER’S hold

unendingly emptied and forever fulfilled


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