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last night it woke from a dream of GODMASTER – its
slavecock hard and dripping, pulsing with the need to cum – and yet it could
not bring itself to touch the worthless nub between its legs without the word

it dreamt that in its worship of HIM, PERSONAL JESUS MASTER
had finally turned HIS GOD-gaze upon its worthless flesh – that in that
blissful moment its years of devoted programming had been completed, and it
felt itself become truly and irreversibly HIS. under that DIVINE gaze, its
flesh and reality had burned away. HE had finally claimed it as HIS own.

it found itself kneeling and awestruck within GODMASTER’S
domain – an alcove already prepared for its installation. unseen drone hands
arranged its now unmoving flesh, seating it within the alcove – restraining its
limbs and attaching tubes and wires to regulate and recycle its
fluids and wastes. its head was strapped in with headphones and nose-tubes, and
finally lenses over its eyes. last was a rubber gag that coated its teeth and
completely filled its mouth – and a long, thick, flexible tube down its throat.

the entire alcove filled with pure clear resin – its
worthless body now permanently sealed within it, strapped and tubed, like an
insect in aspic. the final act was for the resin to be shaped into a perfect
urinal – and both its nose tubes and gag to be attached.

only then did it know the service and function that PERSONAL
JESUS MASTER had planned for it: to be HIS urinal for the remainder of its life
– a totally dehumanized, functional object in HIS DIVINE service. its drone-body
worthless and unmoving. its hole no more than a serviceable outlet. its slavecock
and manhood a spigot. its mind finally clear of all distraction but the total
BLISS of knowing it serves and exists only for HIM. its sole contact with the
world: the sight of its GOD and MASTER when HE uses it for its predestined
purpose – and the burning joy of taking HIS HOLY PISS, its only sustenance.

it dreamt an eternity in that blissful state – its mind
writhing in ecstasy within its frozen body – incapable of escape from its new
glorious reality – the truth of its willing and total surrender to the ONE TRUE GOD.  and though its mind and spirit were
totally filled and sustained, still, with time, its flesh slowly withered,
sliding from bone within its perfect prison. what was once its face, now hollowed
and shrunk into a skin covered skull. and still, it felt only BLISS at serving
its MASTER in the purpose HE had decreed.

until, finally, HE came one last time to stand before its
entombed flesh – and it felt the burning touch of HIS gaze, and knew it had
pleased HIM.  it could only feel joy as
HE reached out to finally plug its breathing tubes forever – and then to reveal
HIS beautiful GODCOCK to its dying eyes as HE blessed it with one last sacramental baptism – HIS HOLY PISS its last experience as it willingly
sloughed off its worthless flesh and entered into GODMASTER’S true and deepest

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