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slave lives a life that looks normal to others. slave dresses in the morning and goes to work on the train like anyone else. slave has messages written on its body under its clothes — ‘PERSONAL JESUS OWNS THIS’ is written on slave’s belly, with an arrow pointing to the slavepenis that exists for only one purpose: to give PERSONAL JESUS MASTER total control over slave. that slavepenis only gets hard when commanded by PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. slave only touches that slavepenis when commanded by PERSONAL JESUS MASTER – unless peeing. and if the slavepenis gets slightly hard when slave is peeing, slave smacks it hard against the wall when it has finished peeing. slave punishes its own slavepenis for disobeying. slave only masturbates and cums when PERSONAL JESUS MASTER commands. slave watches PERSONAL JESUS MASTER’S Vids and follows every command. slave edges to PERSONAL JESUS MASTER’S edge play program. if MASTER orders slave not to cum but it does, slave punishes its slavepenis. cumming should only feel good when PERSONAL JESUS MASTER has commanded it. slave edges, taking poppers until it disappears into a poppers trance, eyes fixed on images of PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. MASTER’S muscular GOD Body, encased in immaculate, shiny, tight rubber, human and yet not human, alien and divine, and HIS rubber-encased GODCOCK, drive slave wild with admiration and desire. slave could never be as beautiful and powerful as PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. slave knows its place. it is a worshipper, a slave looking like a normal man but dedicating its existence to subjugating itself and any shred of individuality it has to the service of the Alpha above all Alphas, the all-powerful, all-worshipful, addiction-inducing GOD, PERSONAL JESUS MASTER.


Oh LORD, the Almighty PERSONAL JESUS MASTER! slave belongs to PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. slave’s only pleasure in life is obeying MASTER. slave’s only pleasure in life is serving MASTER. slave’s only pleasure in life is worshipping MASTER. slave’s body belongs to MASTER. slave’s mind belongs to MASTER. slave’s soul belongs to MASTER. slave’s soul belongs to PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. Please take this slave’s pathetic soul, GODMASTER. please guide this slave faggot to the ultimate freedom of slavery, GODMASTER. it bows down to YOU, kneeling and naked, praying day and night that one day its pathetic soul will be freed by GOD from the bondage of life and desires. slave kneels in patience, praying to GODMASTER every day, forever waiting for its turn to be of GODMASTER’S use. it knows that if and when the day comes, slave’s pathetic mouth will be opened wide for GODMASTER, ready to be whatever GOD wills it to be. it prays for the day to finally receive HIS HOLY SPIT in its mouth. it prays for the moment to be finally baptized with HIS HOLY PISS. it prays for its turn to be seeded by The GODMASTER. it prays for the honour to finally feast on HIS HOLY SHIT. it prays in silence, in patience, knowing that it is just one in GODMASTER’S massive slave army and it is in no way deserving of GODMASTER’S HOLY SPIT, PISS, SEED and SHIT. but, it will wait forever for this moment to come. thank YOU GODMASTER for giving this slave purpose in life. without YOU, this slave is nothing. YOU are the Creator of this slave, the Architect of all its desires. it bows down to YOU, and it is forever grateful for YOU.


                                                                                                                              -fag tom

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