Published On April 17, 2015 | In God


Since 2012, Personal Jesus Master has been releasing increasingly beautifully produced domination videos. Each video features God Master’s entrancing physique clothed in a range of impeccably presented fetish gear, as His voice forcefully repeats his commands straight into your slavebrain.

God Master likes His slaves to stroke our slavecocks while we watch Him and he often encourages repetitive chanting in these worship videos. The combination of the beautiful, arresting images of Him, His voice, sexual arousal and willingly repeating his words make these videos a hypnotic, conditioning experience which prove difficult to resist. For good reason the main sequence of videos are subtitled “Mindfuck”.

Once you step into God Master’s world, I guarantee you will find yourself returning again and again. Each time, losing control faster as you hear His voice, see His perfect body. Each time worshipping more urgently, losing more self control, submitting to further conditioning.

Quite quickly, His encouragement to get in touch via Skype becomes somewhat terrifying. How deeply have His words penetrated you? What could He demand of you and how automatically would you obey? But simultaneously, the yearning to make contact grows within you until you find yourself making contact, almost cumming as you do, but waiting… waiting for His command.

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