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the slave named and numbered by PERSONAL JESUS MASTER as property ‘wds0720’ returns home after a long day of earning yet more cash to hand straight to its GOD and MASTER.

wds0720 peels off the Hugo Boss suit that accentuates its steroid-pumped body. off comes the tight pale blue shirt, the thigh and ass-hugging trousers, and the high-polished shoes — wds0720’s tight, shiny rubber catsuit now revealed underneath. the slick latex clings to every bulge of muscle, though the bulge at its crotch is barely visible — locked in its tight cockcage at all times, its considerable penis crushed painfully inside.

it adds rubber gloves and a full-face mask with only eye and nostril holes. it straps a tube to the nostril holes and flicks a switch.

the strong blast of poppers flood the tube and it feels the familiar rush that helps it transition from its businessman identity to its true persona – a poppered-up worship drone object for PERSONAL JESUS MASTER.

it kneels in front of its computer and, as the screen comes to life, its cock becomes as hard as it possibly can within the confines of the merciless cage.

will GODMASTER allow it to unlock? will HE allow it an erection? to masturbate and cum in worship of HIM tonight?

perhaps HE might, as wds0720 has recruited three new ex-men to be mindless, masturbating cashpig slaves for PERSONAL JESUS MASTER over the last two weeks.

GODMASTER’S instructions appear on the screen:

‘wds0720 has fulfilled its financial enslavement quotas for this period. it is granted permission to masturbate for exactly ten minutes.’

a four-number code appears on the screen below the message.

wds0720 unzips its tight, shiny latex suit at the crotch, successfully unlocking the cock cage underneath using the code. the penis it knows as a training tool – insignificant and minute in comparison to MASTER’S GODCOCK – is already at full attention for its OWNER as it clicks on the next link.

PERSONAL JESUS MASTER appears on the screen, encased in black rubber, HIS magnificent GODBODY accentuated by the shiny tightness. the slave fixates instantly on the blazing red letters adorning HIS latex Fisting Gloves, watching MASTER’S powerful Fists slowly open and close as HE speaks:

‘repeat, fucking slave.’

the slave’s voice takes on a faraway, mindless drone quality as it repeats each phrase:

‘wds0720 is nothing without PERSONAL JESUS MASTER.’
‘wds0720 only exists for PERSONAL JESUS MASTER.’
‘it kneels and prays to PERSONAL JESUS MASTER every day.’
‘it lives for, works for, dispenses to PERSONAL JESUS MASTER.’

‘it worships MASTER’S FEET.’
‘it kisses MASTER’S ASS.’
‘it takes MASTER’S PISS.’
‘it takes MASTER’S FIST.’

‘it surrenders its body.’
‘it surrenders its mind.’
‘it surrenders its soul.’

wds0720 is lost in mindless obedience, lost in HIS Voice, HIS Image, the pure sexual power of its ONE GOD and MASTER, slavecock at attention, hand pumping furiously, hard and fast.

tranced and cocked and ready at HIS Command; losing any vestige of humanity that it may have had left.

becoming, willingly and consciously, a completely mindless fuckslave —

a masturbating, popper-fucked, dehumanized puppet for PERSONAL JESUS MASTER.

‘it has no thought.’
‘it has no will.’
‘it has no future.’
‘it has no past.’
‘it exists just in this moment.’
‘to serve.’
‘to dispense.’

on cue, it clicks a link on the screen, mind-numbingly fucking triggered and ready to cum as it does.

its bank account shows up on the screen, a very large balance, and then, only seconds later, reduced to almost nothing.

wds0720 lets out a deep moan, seeing its balance instantly drop.

for each month wds0720 works, it is allowed only three days’ worth of pay;

the rest belongs to PERSONAL JESUS MASTER.


wds0720 focuses on HIS rubbered Fist, seductively opening and closing on the screen.

the slave instinctually spreads its legs, assuming position, offering its hole to the GODBOSS,

waiting and now feeling the slick latex brush against its asshole,

feeling MASTER opening it up, slowly sliding in, penetrating it,

pushing deeper and even deeper still,

fucking the slave with HIS powerful, uber-masculine, glistening rubbered GODFIST.

fucking HIS wds0720 cash machine

from inside and out!

it hears HIS Command:

‘cum, fucking work drone slave!’

HIS Command like a key opening a lock, the property instantly explodes, shooting its worthless slaveseed harder than it ever has, all over its rubber suit and everything around it as it mouths:


eyes watching the screen as HIS beautiful, rubbered Fist slowly closes …

and the screen goes blank.

slavecock still spasming, the slave exalted and dismayed at being mindfucked so thoroughly as its bank account is raped so definitively.

wds0720 is still shaking as it hurries to reinstall  the chastity device;

knowing that going over the allotted time out of cage might result in not being allowed to cum again for months.

and beneath its rubber mask, brain fried and breathing deeply, it smiles now, feeling a rush of contentment.

so fucking hot.

so fucking right.

to be the owned and used slave servant,

the indentured beast of burden of



For those slaves who have yet to find it, GODMASTER posts a new weekly Commandment every Saturday, accessible from the homepage.


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