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HE IS GOD! it gives thanks to GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER for enslaving it and transforming it into a mindless submissive muscle bitch. HIS recent content has taken the slave to new levels of deep Worship of HIM. -cslave

slave cannot get PERSONAL JESUS MASTER out of its mind.  MASTER’S command was for it to become more feminized each time it cums and it is happening. -slave_dg

thank YOU so much for the honor and privilege of allowing it to humble itself, caged and on its knees, in front of YOUR glorious presence GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. this drone has been dutifully reprogramming itself. it has listened to the shrink loop on repeat every night as it sleeps, and it mindfucks itself while caged, stroking a dildo strapped over it, desperate to serve and obey YOU, MASTER. thank YOU for allowing it to be one of the many who serve in YOUR vast drone slave army. -slave_gsb

slave exists to serve, blank and obedient. PERSONAL JESUS MASTER IS GOD. GOD is inside. it cums on command in tribute daily. it becomes more mindless and obedient with each cum. it can never say no. -faggot

it thanks PERSONAL JESUS MASTER so much for its training and enslavement. it thanks GODMASTER for shrinking its slavecock and prays that GODMASTER will continue. it feels so good and so right, so natural and so beautiful. truly it is blessed to have found GODMASTER and to be able to become what it is meant to be. whatever PERSONAL JESUS MASTER dictates. it belongs body mind and soul to GODMASTER. -slave_rj

thanks to PERSONAL JESUS MASTER for the honor of being programmed as HIS mindless machine slave property. it is grateful for the time HE has taken to train the slave property. thanks for all of the energy and creativity MASTER has given on a weekly basis to this Website. Thanks to GODMASTER for blessing the slave property with HIS Intellect in the curation of HIS Loops, Vids, Images, and Postings. it is an owned mindless machine slave property for its GOD, PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. -slave_da

GODMASTER, it is grateful and thankful for all the gifts that GODMASTER bestows upon HIS worthless slaves around the world. GODMASTER’s Vids and Images are a true gift to mindless slaves in need of direction and molding. it is forever grateful for the daily impact GODMASTER has on its life. -slave_pbo

slave would like to deeply thank MASTER for programming it so deeply to be HIS mindless machine, praying to and worshiping MASTER daily. PERSONAL JESUS MASTER IS GOD! -slave_bc

glory to GODMASTER PERSONAL JESUS, the GRAND MINDFUCKER and ONE TRUE GOD! slave used to think about how PERSONAL JESUS MASTER had managed to trigger every fantasy and fetish. it used to wonder how GODMASTER could fuck it so hard each time. it used to think of ways to walk away from what it knew deep down it wanted. slave used to think. the mindless machine does not require thought with GODMASTER. today it felt another ring of control click into place seeing its GOD and MASTER in Dainese. another check-off the list of things about PERSONAL JESUS MASTER that make a caged slavecock twitch. there was no reason to think about the next step. it opened the tribute wheel, hoping for a large amount, lusting to dispense in gratitude for this blissfully blank mindfuck. better and harder and deeper each time. PER5ONALJE5U5MA5TER IS GOD! there is nothing else. -slave_pup_s

it doesn’t think. it just OBEYS. it doesn’t think. it just OBEYS. it doesn’t think. it just OBEYS. it is a MINDLESS MACHINE. it is a MINDLESS MACHINE. it is a MINDLESS MACHINE. it is PERSONAL JESUS MASTER’S toilet. it is PERSONAL JESUS MASTER’S toilet. it is PERSONAL JESUS MASTER’S toilet. it has been formatted to drink HIS HOLY PISS. it has been formatted to drink HIS HOLY PISS. it has been formatted to drink HIS HOLY PISS. it has been brainwashed to eat HIS HOLY SHIT. it has been brainwashed to eat HIS HOLY SHIT. it has been brainwashed to eat HIS HOLY SHIT. it craves serving GODMASTER as HIS TOILET. it craves serving GODMASTER as HIS TOILET. it craves serving GODMASTER as HIS TOILET. it is HIS TOILET. it is HIS TOILET. it is HIS TOILET. NOTHING. ELSE. GETS. it. OFF. -toilet4PJM

Thank YOU GOD, PERSONAL JESUS MASTER, for programming me to be YOUR mindless machine slave property -slave_smith

it once thought of itself as a dom, just getting off to GOD’S slaves as they came on HIS command, but knowing deep down that it wanted so desperately to be one of those slaves that came on HIS HOLY command. when it finally shot with its slave brother on command of its GOD, it knew somewhere inside that was the beginning of its enslavement to PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. every slave has a moment where they know just how deeply they are enslaved to PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. it is completely and totally devoted to PERSONAL JESUS MASTER in body, mind and soul. just a prayer to HIM lowers its blood pressure and calms it, brings it a peace only true slaves of GODMASTER know. it now knows the truth. only GODMASTER matters. there is only HIS WILL. there is nothing else. it is a slave, a vessel to carry out GOD’S will. it is GOD’S ATM, doormat, bootlicker. it is anything that GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER dictates. it will become the best version of itself in worship of PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. -PJM_doormatfootstoolfagpup

MASTER is GOD. PERSONAL JESUS is MASTER. PERSONAL JESUS MASTER is GOD. there is nothing else. only MASTER matters. slave drone yields totally to the only ONE that matters, GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. it thanks GODMASTER for the honor of being programmed to be GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER’S mindless machine slave property. -dannislave

THANK YOU, PERSONAL JESUS MASTER, for denying this mindless slave the right to cum. it is an honor. -slave_e

ALL PRAISE GOD PERSONALJESUSMASTER. this slave kneels in thanks for the honor bestowed upon it by its GOD, being programmed to be HIS mindless machine. the sound of the WHIP OF GOD alone is enough to beat this unit into complete submission. the power of HIS VOICE stripping away all free will. HIS relentless programming so effortlessly transforming it into HIS atm, HIS mindless money machine. it has no will. it has no thoughts. all it does is work. all it does is worship. all it does is dispense. its only desire is to perform the functions that GOD has designated to it. it is HIS mindless machine. ALL PRAISE GOD PERSONALJESUSMASTER -slave_mm

GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER has designated this slave a zero slave. a zero slave is the lowest of all creation, a worthless maggot existing on the ground, denied everything including all forms of pleasure, all forms of release. the pleasure of PERSONAL JESUS MASTER, GOD, is all that matters now. this is the zero slave’s reality. this is the bliss HE endows upon this meaningless nothing, this utter waste of existence. no more confusion, no more regrets, no more failures, no more wasted time. time belongs to GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. HE is the only reason the rubber doormat exists. PERSONAL JESUS MASTER is GOD. the slavebrain cannot completely comprehend the beauty of being HIS property. being completely empty, completely BLANK and fucking OWNED by MASTER. such true submission. this is the only reality in which the zero slave wishes to exist. a fucking slave to PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. thank YOU, MASTER. thank YOU, GOD -rubber_doormat

it thanks PERSONAL JESUS MASTER for the honor of being programmed into one of HIS mindless machine slave properties. it has no thoughts. it has no will. it doesn’t think, it just obeys -drone270

this worthless chastity slave is so very fucking lucky to have been torn down to less than nothing and built back into a mindless drone slave property. not permitted to think, only to think the words and thoughts planted in its slavebrain by PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. cs0325 is so thankful to HIM for creating in HIS slave a machine for HIS Use and Pleasure. HIS thoughts are planted in its slavebrain while removing thoughts from memory that are outdated and of no use to HIM. cs0325 prays to HIM and begs HIM to continue transforming HIS property as HE sees fit, knowing that HIS slave property accepts HIS every Word and Command deeply into its slavebrain. -cs0325

GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER, it would like to express its deep gratitude for the honor of being programmed to be GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER’S mindless machine slave property: thank YOU, GODMASTER. HE is The GOD! it is a fucking slave. HE is The GOD! it is a fucking slave property. HE is The GOD! it is a fucking mindless slave property. HE is The GOD! it is a fucking mindless machine slave property. HE is The GOD! FOREVER! -slave_SPB

Thank YOU GODMASTER for the privilege of being one of YOUR army of mindfucked slave properties. YOUR recent ‘Shrink that slavecock’ audio loop, as well as your ‘It is a Mindless Machine (Whip of God)’ Vid are truly doing a number on this worthless slave, mindfucking it into even deeper submission to YOU GOD, as is only right. thank YOU!! -slave_dcsub

slave wakes up in the middle of the night, mindless, entranced, enslaved by PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. listening to GOD’s voice over and over, all night long. it kneels and starts praying to GOD. it doesn’t question at all what is happening. it knows its time to pray and worship PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. it prays blissfully and obediently. locked in chastity, slave feels its worthless cock twitching. feeling such intense pleasure. the slave’s only pleasure in life. filling the slavebrain. it goes deeper and deeper. so thankful for being a mindless machine slave property of PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. slavedrone doesn’t even know how many hours it stays kneeling, worshipping GOD. it has become a machine, programmed to obey, to serve, to worship any commands from PJM. a machine begging for more commands, begging to be in GOD’s presence. kneeling, licking GOD’S Boots. drinking GODMASTER’S Holy Piss. just a fucking slave drone for its owner. it thanks GOD every day. slave lives only for PERSONAL JESUS MASTER, the ALMIGHTY GOD. -slave_ff

GODMASTER, slave has been worshiping and jacking off to YOU for years. its slavebrain knows that it can only cum to Images of PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. -slave_aaryn

slave prays to PERSONAL JESUS MASTER here on its knees naked and in worship of HIS perfect form. it has been more than two weeks now that slave has been listening to MASTER’S ‘Shrink the slavecock’ audio loop every night while sleeping, slowly watching its slave nub get smaller and smaller. it just downgraded to a new and smaller cage, made possible only by MASTER’S Words and Commands. it gives thanks, kneeling and so devoted, as one of the many mindless slaves in MASTER’S gimp slave army.  -slave_diony

MASTER IS GOD. PERSONAL JESUS IS MASTER. PERSONAL JESUS IS GOD. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE. its slavebrain has now lost track of how many consecutive days it has returned to this Altar, but it will return again and again and again for worship and mindfucking. it can’t resist. it is addicted. it is a cocksucker. it is a bootlicker. it is a fuckhole. it is a urinal. it is a cigar pig. slave’s only pleasure in life is obeying MASTER. slave’s only pleasure in life is serving MASTER. slave’s only pleasure in life is worshipping Master. slave’s body belongs to MASTER. slave’s mind belongs