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the slave was led on a leash by PERSONAL JESUS MASTER to a party with other masters and slaves. the property was clad in all rubber, and remembers entering a club-like space. it could feel the cool AC breeze on its rubber skin, as vividly as the weight of the chain hanging off its neck. despite not knowing or recognizing anybody, slave could feel the energy of the room. it felt like it was in the right place. no doubt, all thanks to GODMASTER’S presence, who seemed to dominate the space and also seemed to be having a great time.

slave roamed around the room and recalls striking up a casual conversation with a group of other slaves. despite wearing its full rubber uniform with various adornments, such as a harness and a collar, and obviously its cock cage concealed beneath a codpiece, it felt very free conversing with others, confident in its own voice and slavehood.

mingling through a crowd of hot slaves and masters, the property eventually ended up in a like-minded circle of men, and began discussing a theme about which the slave is deeply passionate — the so-called classical music world, and many issues that speak greatly to that passion. the discussion grew more and more rambunctious. it can remember the background dimming in its mind, getting really involved in the discussion, making points left and right, reveling in being in its element…

…until it heard GODMASTER’S Voice, somehow piercing through the uproarious fog, and summoning it to the side of the Throne on which HE was sitting. in its slavemind, the exuberant room went completely silent at that moment. slave might have been mid-sentence just then, but it willingly and obediently left its conversation’s circle of participants. it had been summoned by its GODBOSS, a rush like no other.

slave bolted to HIS side, and without uttering a word, GODMASTER pointed to HIS Holy Boot, the slave willingly and zealously falling to its knees to worship It. there was a scatter of amusement and approval. however, any outside noise didn’t matter to this slave — it was in its rightful place, delivering long, careful, studious licks to GODMASTER’S magnificent Boots. chain collar around its neck, worthless fucking slavecock twitching hard inside its tiny cage.

it only ever feels right when it is in permanent submission to its OWNER and BOSS,

to GOD,



encased in heavily constricting, head-to-toe shiny black rubber

pinholes in the padlocked latex hood that completes its dehumanization, that obstructs and limits its vision

a funnel harnessed over and into its mouth hole

short, wide tube down its throat, forcing its mouth forever open

it is an appliance, locked in position, permanently on its knees

installed — staring at the rich black, portofino-marbled bathroom floor

hour after hour, day after day

waiting — a human receptacle

a glistening rubber urinal

installed just off of HIS Dungeon

it hears every sound

HIS heavy motorcycle Boots, the erotic crackling of leather or rubber as HE moves, the rattling of chains

the whirling force of HIS Whip as it collides with muscle

the screams, the moans

the silence

smells the smoke from HIS Cigar, the intoxicating scents of gear and poppers and man-sweat

the heat of sex

making its worthless and denied slavecock throb and drip inside its steel cock cage

waiting for the next time HE will approach

stand over it, disregard it, PISS into it

forever waiting for that glorious moment

when HE will deposit HIS coveted liquid GOLD

warm and masculine and pungent, down its eager throat

blessing it with HIS HOLY WATER

obediently swallowing down every precious drop like a good PISS pig should

this is its life, its religion

this is ecstasy, nirvana,

heaven on earth

to be the owned

installed and used

human urinal slave of





obediently, it returns to the altar of PERSONAL JESUS MASTER to pray.
it needs to trance and be mindfucked by its CREATOR.
once upon a time, it used to be able to get its rocks off by fucking holes. now it can only cum for PERSONAL JESUS MASTER.
the slave has grown to accept and desire having its useless slavecock locked up for longer and longer periods of chastity.
week by week and day by day, GODMASTER has implanted the truth that the slave’s mind, body, and soul belong to MASTER.
week by week and day by day, GODMASTER has implanted the truth that the slave lives for MASTER.
week by week and day by day, GODMASTER has implanted the truth that the slave works for MASTER.
week by week and day by day, slave prays to GODMASTER for the destruction of its old identity and its reassignment as a numbered object.
at one time the slave believed that it wouldn’t become a human ATM, but GODMASTER has shown it the orgasmic power of DISPENSING for its CREATOR.

with the HUMAN MONEY MACHINE CONDITIONING LOOP playing, it began stroking and humping and trancing with deep hits of fuckgas. after 20 minutes of loop repetition, the slave began to understand. its pierced slavecock was throbbing. the slave responded by starting the HUMAN MONEY MACHINE CONDITIONING LOOP on all of its devices. they were playing out of sync, but at the same time they were magically in sync and driving every last slavebrain cell to accept the CREATOR’s mindfuck.


the mindfucked slave knew that it must comply. at that point, the DISPENSE button was its only path forward.

when the transaction was submitted, the slave was seeing and feeling the CREATOR’s GODCOCK pounding it like never before.
the slave was also seeing the beauty of GODMASTER’s bank account swelling as multitudes of slaves like it were simultaneously dispensing.
of course the slave released its pathetic seed. and of course, the slave instinctively licked it up. that’s what a hungry slave does.
but, the end result is that now a new DISPENSEgasm trigger has been implanted into its slavebrain.



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