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slave1012 is changing.

gaining muscle. punishing sessions in the gym. GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER continually programming it through airpods as it works its body, in a constant state of arousal and determination. cock-locked nub relentlessly trying to become erect in its tight gym shorts as it runs, lifts, crunches. a diet rich in protein is making its body huge and beautifully muscled, as the bodies of HIS work drone slaves should be – always prepared to don the rubber slave uniform and kneel before THE ALMIGHTY.

always ready to kiss the perfect ASS of its GODBOSS.

and as it gains muscle, it loses its personality. every Word from GODMASTER, every viewing of HIS Vids taking 1012 further into trance and mindless servitude. optimized to peak performance, all for HIS gain. it thrives like never before in its lucrative career. it has been allowed to keep much of its business acumen so that it can make more and more money for MASTER. every promotion, every new business opportunity is a way to worship and be addicted to GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER more deeply.

it has become impossible to squelch the excitement and the uncontrollable, massive dripping of precum from its slavecock, locked in the cock cage beneath its suit trousers, every time it kneels and confirms that its entire paycheck has been deposited into PERSONAL JESUS MASTER’S account. just one mindless and insignificant, servile work drone slave in a global army of programmed machines, working tirelessly to build GOD’S perfect Empire.

and slave1012 has never felt more alive.

slave1012 has acquired something new.

it now sleeps in a separate bedroom from its wife. she has become increasingly suspicious of her husband – her beautiful, muscled, high-earning husband – sensing the growing distance between them. so 1012 is not surprised when, one night, it wakes to find her standing at the foot of its bed. the slave makes no move to cover its nakedness. in fact, 1012 enjoys its wife’s admiring gaze and her obvious frustration that they no longer make love.

‘what is that?’

she points to the slave’s pelvic region, at the space just above its slavecock which is, this night, not caged. tattooed above its slavemeat are the numbers 1012. it is the work drone slave number GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER blessed it with, an eternal reminder of its enslavement, that its insignificant slavemeat belongs to HIM, as does every drop of slaveseed that flows from it.

‘a slave number,’ it intones.

she doesn’t understand, assumes that its tiredness makes her husband sound distant, robotic, disconnected.

‘its the number i have been given by my OWNER.’

she stares at her husband in disbelief, starts to respond but doesn’t, seeing the look on 1012’s face that is telling her to go.

that the conversation is over.

slave1012 hears the summoning tone.

its the sound the slave has worked and waited for all month. granted permission by its GODBOSS to masturbate and cum in worship of HIM.

it rolls over on the bed, waking its computer, finding the latest Image of GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER filling the screen.

the slave falls to its knees, slavemeat already rising to attention, eyes on the beautiful ASS of its GODBOSS in tight, slick rubber. the slave strokes itself, rock hard in its powerful hand, obedient and triggered, and so thankful to have finally earned the attention and permission of its OWNER and BOSS. it can feel the heat, the sweat dripping down its taut, muscled body as it masturbates in a frenzy of animalistic desire to kiss and lick PERSONAL JESUS MASTER’S perfect ASS.

to bury its slavetongue so fucking deep down GODMASTER’S HOLIEST HOLE!

and the orgasm is coming quickly as it prays aloud:

‘slave property 1012 works for GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. slave property 1012 lives for GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. slave property 1012 prays to GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. its slavecock belongs to GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. its slaveseed belongs to GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER. every orgasm enslaves it more deeply to GOD PERSONAL JESUS MASTER.’

and as it grunts out the last words, it ejaculates violently, eyes still locked on the Images of GODMASTER’S HOLY ASS encased in that glistening rubber, hoping and praying that it was the lucky work drone that paid for HIS gear as its worthless slaveseed splashes over the numbers now permanently tattooed across its pubic region.

the slave is drained, crawls onto the bed, resting back for a moment, then slowly reaches for the cock cage on the nightstand, begins the process of locking its worthless slavemeat again when it notices its wife just outside the door, observing from the darkness of the hallway. the hint of a smile drifts across the slave’s face as the cock cage is locked in place.

a tone from the computer acknowledges that slave1012 is once again locked for PERSONAL JESUS MASTER.

the slave rests its head back on the pillow, closes its eyes.

falls asleep.


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