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The slave has this recurring dream:

it has been branded

‘PJM’ burned deep into the skin between its shoulder blades

The sting and the smell of burning flesh still fresh in its memory

Steel cock cage permanently soldered in place

The worthless slavecock inside it shrunken down to a laughable nub

Manhood destroyed

Locked into an immobilizing position in its tiny dungeon cage and starved for weeks now

it is fed only once a day

A steady diet of GODMASTER’S HOLY SHIT and PISS

Watching as its ribcage increasingly protrudes from under the skin

As its muscles deteriorate, withering and disappearing from the bone

Sleep deprived and whipped daily

Mind long-ago broken with a constant stream of HIS Audio Loops fed into surgically implanted earbuds

Dim and obedient

A weak and dumb, caged fucking animal

On this day, it is leashed and led out of the cage on all fours by one of GODMASTER’S superior slaves

Brought to its feet, its weak body steadied

Emaciated arms raised over its head and locked to a chain from the ceiling

Ankles secured by metal shackles anchored to the cement floor

And then left alone to wait

it raises its head, catches its reflection in the mirrored wall in the distance

Nude except for cock cage and collar

Skeletal and pitiful and broken

A bag of bones where a vital man had once existed

Knowing full-well that it prayed for this

Prayed to be stripped of everything it owned

Every shred of dignity and humanity taken from it

Destroyed at the Hands of its GOD and MASTER

The door opens and HE enters

Regal and glistening in full rubber and tall Boots

Oozing power and dominance

No hesitation whatsoever in HIS approach

As HIS rubbered fist makes contact with the slave’s empty stomach

A first, immediate, soul-breaking blow

Already rendering the slave breathless and in excruciating pain

But that evil grin and the sparkle in HIS Eyes are the reward

And now a second jab, more powerful than the first, to its right upper-chest

Followed immediately by two more punches, hard to the stomach

The slave is retching air as MASTER steps behind it, not hesitating

A deep blow to its lower back, and another, and another

And now a hard right hook to the side of the head

Whiplashing the slave almost into unconsciousness

GODMASTER comes back around, standing close

Stares into the slave’s eyes

That sexy, sadistic smile

And the words slip out of the slave’s mouth:


HIS evil grin still in place as HIS Fist crashes dead center into its chest

The slave loses control of its legs, now dangling like a ragdoll by the arms from the chain in the ceiling

Focused instead on the intoxicating smell of HIS rubber gear mixed with HIS uber-masculine GOD-scent

Worthless slavecock somehow managing to twitch in its cage despite this deadly barrage of pain

GODMASTER steps closer

A hard slap to the slave’s face

it responds:


Quick jab to the gut, just above its cock cage


HE chuckles, not yet even breaking a sweat

Enjoying this

MASTER and slave, both knowing

These are the final moments

The last breaths

Mind and soul long ago destroyed

Yes, it kneeled and prayed to HIM every night for this

Body assaulted from every angle now

The slave closes its eyes

Knowing they will not open again

Sinking into the ecstasy of this final act of absolute submission to PERSONAL JESUS MASTER

An unimaginable blessing, to feel HIM this close

Taking it down,

Dismantling and extinguishing HIS possession

Owning and dictating its very demise

Lost in a cacophony of lethal body blows at the Hands of its OWNER and CREATOR

The words from its lips barely audible now:



                                                                                                                                                                                  -PJM gimp-ch

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